Sunday, April 17, 2011

Weekend Warrior in Wild Utah

The new title photo of my blog is compliments of my wife who happened to capture this killer shot of me riding my bike along a knife-edge ridge at Caineville Utah. Caineville is normally the home turf to some of the world's craziest motorcycle riders as well as environmentalists trying to shut the place down. I decided to give my kids a taste of bike riding in a world famous moto-mania mecca. In case you were wondering, those are the Henry mountains in the background.

My kids must think I'm nutz. Will during his 127 minutes in a deep slot canyon.

I tried to tell Jo the shades really weren't necessary down here.

Sasha Boo playing peak-a-boo in a Utah slot.

Gazing out over Bryce Point this morning, it occurred to me that our Utah moto adventures had never taken us to Aquarius Plateau (the big one in the far distant). We'll have to fix that.

The FJ resting under the magical sunset with the moon coming alive. Sometimes we choose some pretty lonely trailheads.

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Surprise Canyon

Passed by this trailhead while on a Utah motorcycle adventure. Decided I would bring the kids back. Surprise is the canyon directly above Will's noggin. Easy 1.5 mile hike. And even better pretty much deserted due to it's distance from the local Applebees and Marriott hotel.

Sasha boo trucking up the wash in her keen sandles.

The many shades of brown deep in Capital Reef.

Allison in the narrows.

Friday, April 15, 2011

Eyes of Sinbad

A fine little hike with the kids today in the San Rafael Swell.

The larger cave has a huge opening in the ceiling.

View of west canyonlands from Sinbads right eyeball.

Allisons favorite sign at Stans Burger shack.

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Making Good

Anyone who appreciates Stephen Schwartz's musical "Wicked" might find this tune interesting. This is a brilliant song he wrote and later cut from the show. It was ultimately replaced by the song "Wizard and I" which is also quite good. I became fascinated when I heard a recording of Mr. Schwartz himself playing it on the piano. It's an extremely fast song and to make matters worse, it's in the miserable key of E, which many of his songs are. I decided I had to learn it when I heard him play it. I know pretty much nothing about singing, but in my non-expert opinion, this girl sounds like she does. Hopefully my mistakes aren't too obvious :)