Monday, September 22, 2014

Pfeifferhorn (My 1st Worthy Alpine Ascent)

The phone rings, my father-in-law says go to REI and buy yourself an ice-axe.  Were going to climb the Pfeifferhorn in the Wasatch Mountains.  Sounds like a good idea to me.  What if I don't even know what an ice-axe is used for?  You'll learn.

The morning starts early as we park our car up Little Cottonwood Canyon at Red Pine Fork.  Up Red Pine we go with our snow shoes.  It was may so the temperature was quite moderate.

As we approached the top of the drainage, the surroundings became more "alpine" as the trees started to dissappear quickly in favor or rocks, snow and ice.

Looking down Red Pine towards Little Cottonwood with the mighty "twin peaks" in the background.

The climb up the steep slope to the "proper" base of the mountain was quite steep but luckily the snowpack was still quite stable and therefore required little "post-holing"

Amazing that several million people live within minutes of this beautiful place!

John B taking in the marvelous scenery and loving the moment

Almost time to kick into "technical" ice-axe mode and start the technical ascent

Looking over at Timpanogos.  Oh how I would love to climb that mighty mountain the winter someday (and I did :))

Almost to the base of the "Pfeiff"

Let's git this done already....

John B making his way up the steep vertical base of the "Pfeifferhorn"

Behold the great summit!

The maiden voyage of the REI mountain AXE.  The first of many to come...